Mrs. Conti, our school counselor, is the facilitator of the Educational Planning Committee. The committee consists of the Principal, the child’s teacher, the Resource Room teacher, and the Speech Pathologist. The child may be referred to Mrs. Conti by a parent or teacher. The parent is invited to attend these meetings and the purpose is to assist a child who is having academic difficulties. Testing may be suggested or screening tests reviewed and modifications are designed for the individual needs of the child.

In addition to the planning meetings, Mrs. Conti is available to all parents or students for either consultations and/or ongoing counseling about any issues that affect the child’s educational progress. Some of these issues may include academic struggles, death, divorce, family crisis, self-esteem, and social skills.

On a school-wide basis, Mrs. Conti directs the Character Counts program, in which character traits are emphasized. As part of our counseling curriculum, the M.O.P. program helps students to learn about making good decisions.  Students are taught three rules that the M.O.P. program stresses.  Students are taught to ask the following questions before making decisions:

     M stands for Me:           Can this hurt me or get me into trouble?

    O stands for Others:    Can this hurt others or get others into trouble?

  P stands for Property:   Can this hurt someone's property?

Our Royerton Faculty and staff encourages students to follow these rules all-year round.  Mrs. Conti, Mrs. McGuire, and classroom teachers do M.O.P. lessons with students each month encouraging students to follow these rules.  Of course, all school rules still apply to all students.  However, the M.O.P. rules give students tools to be sure not to break them.

The M.O.P. rules are posted everywhere in school and each classroom has their own mop that is decorated to help remind students to make good decisions.


Mrs. Conti is available at Royerton full-time. Please feel free to contact her at any time with any questions or concerns.