Third Grade


The third grade curriculum is tailored to meet the strengths and interests of the classroom along with the Indiana State Standards.

We love our top-notch technology.  Third grade uses many different programs to enhance the students’ knowledge of reading, math and science concepts at their different levels.  The programs we use are Moby Max, Study Island and Reading Eggs. These programs allow us to assess and track a student’s growth throughout the year.

Our Social Studies curriculum stresses communities and their development, current events, and map skills. A highlight is our traditional Thanksgiving Feast with the second grade that brings alive the spirit of the first Thanksgiving. 

Our Science topics inspire the student to look at the world with a different set of eyes. Students will learn about the basic concepts of science and how they affect their world.   The students will also learn about the scientific process and how to complete a science fair project.

Our Language Arts program includes Spelling, Language, Writing, and Reading. The writing process is taught and developed daily, weekly, and monthly using a variety of activities from our 6+1 training. We love our Daily 5 reading time and book studies.  The students love Daily 5 time to choose a book of interest to read silently or to a partner.  Our book studies are a fun way to present reading in groups at different levels. Once the students complete a book they are able to take an AR test. 

Here's the scoop about Math. One exciting event to help students learn their multiplication facts is the "Banana Split" party held before Spring Break. The composition of each student's banana split depends upon the zero through twelve facts that each child learns.

We know that third grade is a transitional year between the primary elementary grades and the upper elementary grades. Therefore, our curriculum is designed to facilitate this transition. Teacher and parents working together make this transition a good one. You really are a "Top Banana" when you're in third grade!