First Grade

First Grade at Royerton Elementary                                        

Students are expected to have good citizenship:
  • follow directions
  • accept responsibility
  • exercise self-control
  • respect authority
  • work independently
  • use time wisely
  • keep desk surroundings in order
  • bring necessary supplies to class
  • pay attention/participate in class discussions
Students learn many new skills in language arts:
  • learning consonant and vowel sounds
  • sounding out new words
  • understanding what they read
  • applying phonics skills
  • completing work independently
  • writing in complete sentences
  • reading and listening to a variety of literature
  • learning spelling words and taking weekly tests
  • writing creative stories
Students learn many new skills in math:
  • counting, reading, and writing numbers
  • adding and subtracting
  • counting money
  • telling time
  • problem-solving
  • making and reading graphs
  • measuring
  • fractions
  • using calculators
Students use their 5 senses to learn about the world:
  • sorting, classifying, counting, and predicting using M&Ms and cereal
  • observing different animals and their behavior (using laser disc program)
  • planting seeds and measuring the plants that grow
  • creating and reading maps
  • celebrating holidays and birthdays
  • working on computers in classrooms and in computer labs
  • viewing constellations in Star Lab
Students participate in many special projects and activities:
  • field trips (may include plays, museums)
  • Flat Stanley project ("Flat students" have adventures in places other than Muncie and return to "tell" what they have done. This project relates to the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.)
  • "100th Day of School" celebration (Students use the number 100 in various activities all through the day)
  • National TV Turn-Off Week
  • and...much, much more !!!