Physical Education

The P.E. curriculum at Royerton Elementary is centered around effort. The importance of all students feeling a sense of accomplishment is crucial not by “winning,” but by giving his/her best effort. The games and activities that are played in P.E. are age appropriate and designed to be fun but with a purpose. Students play variations of popular sports. They learn about popular games that children play around the world, and they learn the importance of cooperative play and working as a team.

All students learn the importance of stretching muscles through pre-activity warmups. As students progress through grade levels, they learn and understand the names and functions of the muscles.  Most activities focus on a muscle or multiple muscle groups. We also try to break a mental sweat through the use of strategic or “thinking” activities like “Battleship” or “Rock, Paper, Scissors War.” We also learn about the most important muscle, the heart. Students learn the importance of cardiovascular activity and why it is so important for overall health. Another way we learn this is through our Jump Rope For Heart fundraiser, which has been quite successful in raising money for the American Heart Association.

Student success is achieved in all areas, including Special Area classes (P.E., Art, Music, Library) and beyond the classroom via family involvement. Royerton Elementary recently teamed with Albany and Eaton to have students, teachers, and parents test their mental and physical strength by running in the Indianapolis Mini Marathon. We hope to keep this an annual tradition. Royerton Elementary also participates in Chase Charlie through Ball State University, Hoop Shoot through the Dunkirk Elks Lodge, and Kidz Marathon through the YMCA.