Kindergarten . . . A very BIG step!


We at Royerton are very aware that making the transition from home to school is a very big step for many kindergarteners and their parents as well! We are very sensitive to the needs and learning styles of the individual child, and we do our best to make this transition a very positive experience for everyone involved! We provide a learning environment that encourages a child to grow emotionally as well as academically. The goal is to promote an atmosphere of encouragement and acceptance that is also challenging and exciting for all types of learners!

The very first step begins when preschoolers and their parents come to Royerton for a half day of preschool screening. We share this information with parents at a follow-up parent conference, where we also provide helpful suggestions for the summer and upcoming school year. 

The second step involves providing a parent/child visitation day! Children and parents come to the kindergarten rooms the day before school starts to look around and become familiar with the teachers and their new school environment. Children are then scheduled to come to school all day for the first day of school.  

The final step is probably the BIGGEST one for most incoming students! It sometimes takes a lot of courage to get off the bus, or get out of the car and make the long journey to the kindergarten room on one's own! Experiences in the following categories will be awaiting that student during a typical full day of kindergarten! 

Reading Readiness 

We teach reading, writing, and phonics through the Building Blocks Framework..  Much of our curriculum revolves around studying the "Letter of the Week". We introduce each letter one at a time. A typical Rr week might include: meeting "Racing Raccoon" and practicing the sound that the letter makes, as well as printing the letter of the week. We may also learn about the letter by doing other Rr things like: making recipes, writing book reports, having Rice Krispie treats for a snack, working with reading buddies, and thinking of ways we can be more responsible and respectful in our daily living. Rr is for reading! We do encourage the children to learn to read as soon as possible by providing the necessary resources.

The children are provided many hands-on activities that promote understanding of mathematical concepts. A math book is also provided for follow up, enrichment, and practice skills. Math is also involved in our opening exercises while we are exploring and learning about the calendar. We also learn how to print numbers on a lap board. Math is involved when measuring and mixing ingredients during our cooking activities! 

Language Arts
We provide the children with a variety of stories and finger plays, usually associated with the letter of the week or the unit of study we are presenting, The children also enjoy watching videos that promote letter identification and/or concept development. 

Social Studies/Science
We have found the Weekly Reader to be an excellent source for studying topics in these two areas.

Teachers model writing everyday and the children are asked to do some form of emergent writing too! It usually revolves around the "Letter of the Week". We do some journal writing and interactive group writing.  Throughout the school year, the children develop writing skills by going through several stages from drawings, scribbles, and random letters to words represented by letters.

Music/ Art/ Physical Education/ Library
These are all "special classes" instructed by professionals in the field!

Special "Attractions"
We have full-day kindergarten at Royerton.  In addition to the developmentally appropriate activities listed above, we offer time for lunch, recess, cool-down / quiet time, and snack time.

We have 4 computers within the classrooms, as well as a variety of learning programs that are accessible to the students daily. We also visit the computer lab at least once per week. We have two in our building.

***We provide lots of incentives for children through enrichment materials, such as learning centers, special reading books, and one on one instruction to the children who show special interest in reading or another area of learning.

***We are committed to helping each child develop a positive self-image. We believe that this can be accomplished by setting individual, realistic goals for children and then by helping each child to reach these goals.

Royerton kindergarten is a happy place to be!