Fifth Grade

Welcome to the Royerton Fifth Grade web page.

We are glad you've chosen to browse our site. Fifth grade is an exciting year for our students.  This is not only their last year in elementary school, but also one of the most memorable.



  • An overview of American History from prehistoric Indians to the Civil War.
  • Mini-economy or mini-society introduces economics concepts.
  • Learn the parts and function of the US Government.
  • News Currents program to learn about the current news events.
  • An overview of American history leads students from the first explorers to the role of the United States in the 20th century. Economics concepts are reinforced by mini-economies and mini-societies in the classrooms.



  • Literature-based reading program
  • Written expression is integrated into all subject areas.
  • Skills reviewed
  • Heavy emphasis is placed on comprehension.
  • Mystery Novel Unit
  • Literature is a strong component of the language arts program. Students read and discuss a variety of books, many of which are historical fiction. Written expression is integrated in all subject areas. Each 5th grade class has either Kindergarten or first grade Reading Buddies that they meet with weekly!


  • Special units - owl pellets, Star Lab, Great Grow-Along.   
  • Science Fair projects reinforce skills of scientific method.
  • Students will travel to Ft Wayne’s McMillen Center to learn more about the human body.
  • Examining owl pellets is one of the activities in the science unit on ecology and the skeletal system. In the Great Grow-Along, students follow the scientific process to test the effects of calcium on albino rats.



  • Mastery of all basic facts is required.
  • Concepts of fractions, place value, geometry, measurement, multiplication, division, probability, and beginning algebra are reinforced.
  • Problem-solving is stressed.
  • Mastery of all basic facts is expected at this point. If your child had difficulty with multiplication facts, please start drilling daily on the ones not mastered. Concepts of fractions, decimals, geometry, probability, place value, measurement, multiplication, division, and beginning algebra are reinforced. Problem-solving is also stressed.


Chromebooks are available to enhance instruction and projects throughout the year.  Students will use Google Classroom to turn in assignments, and programs like Study Island, Reading Eggs, Moby Max, and many others are utilized during instruction.


  1. Choir & Rockers
  2. Student Council
  3. Science Fair
  4. Fitness Club
  5. Spell Bowl
  6. Math Bowl
  7. Lego Club
  8. Spelling Bee



Pirate Day

Overnight Field Trip to Camp Flat Rock 


Science Fair projects reinforce skills of scientific method.
Science Fair projects reinforce skills of scientific method.