Second Grade

Second grade is a year of great growth. The students learn various ways to deal with new academic challenges, different social situations, and how to handle emotional ups and downs. We emphasize the continued acquisition and mastery of reading, language and math skills and stress the application of these skills in all areas of our curriculum. Regrouping in math and cursive writing are introduced. Second graders are eager to learn and express wonder at new activities.

Special activities/units included during second grade:

Fall Book Reports- To foster our love for parent/school relationships, students in second grade complete book reports using their love for reading along with creativity. Students in second grade create a hands on book report using a pumpkin and some other treats! With some help from home and hard work at school, students “FALL” in love with reading.

Pumpkin decorations

Native American Unit –Our students study four main locations in our country. We learn how the Native Americans lived in four main regions, popular foods, and we construct their homes in various ways. We also participate in a feast with the 3rd grade to develop a better understanding of the relationship between Pilgrims and Native Americans.

Pilgrim dinner

Thanksgiving dinner

Christmas Around the World – Our classes take a trip around the world as we venture to different countries to see how they celebrate the holiday season. Some locations we visit are Sweden, Germany, France, Italy and many more! As we visit each stop, we take an afternoon to enjoy some of the cultures that other people are celebrating around the world.

Class dinner

Science Central- Our second grade students get to enjoy a day at Science Central in Fort Wayne, Indiana so they can engage with Science around them. During our field trip, we learn about space, motion, force, gravity and much more while we learn that science is more than in a textbook or laboratory! We live around science every day.


Other Program Opportunities for 2nd grade:

BOOK-IT - a program developed to encourage reading

Young Authors

Spelling Bee